Monday, 15 May 2017

Bakers dozen final piecing instructions

 Hello!  Well I am finally back to complete this top!

I can't believe it has taken so long to come back to you all!

Anyway below is the photo where we left this quilt top

lets get this baby together 
The following are photos of the sections we will deal with

this will be our first section to deal with
We will add the grey strip under the dutch 9 patch but only sew it partially through like in the following photo and then put the small dark grey block on the start of the grey from the left of the block as per the photos

first partial seams
pin these pieces like this ready for the next lot of piecing

then sew these two units together down the completed sashing strip
it will now look like this
You can now add the section below with the 9 patches this to this unit.
We will now continue with the rest of the piecing.
Now we will continue with the partial seams as pinned in above photo 
lets put the following small squares onto the sashing on the following unit as per the photo leaving the seams partially done  so the top square unit will not be sewn fully to the bottom only the top part of the sashing and the bottom one will be sewn to the outer of the piece below the nine patches and fully to the inside of the long sashing.

now we are getting pieces together
Next we will piece the two of these units together and we almost have the top half complete

this will now come together
in a wider view of the units
Now we will piece the house onto the 9 patch and the friendship star piece starting at the small dark grey square and sew down the sashing.

now the house is onto the top part of the quilt

close up of how this will come together
Next we will sew the top part we have just sewn together with the lower section

sew these two pieces together

to look like this
We will now sew the top two pieces together.

we will firstly sew the centre seam down

then the seam above the house
We will now connect the next long section from the bottom to below the house but by the sashing only then we will connect it just below the house

connection of the second last unit of the quilt
lastly we attach the last piece.  I attached the long piece then i did the last partial same from the square near the house.

This is how the lower now looks

Ta Da!  the Bakers Dozen without a border

Flying in the breeze

I decided I wanted a bit of a cool border of this so I have decided to use this text print fabric that has been in my stash.  Now measure your quilt top in the centre of horizontal and vertical plus the ends and sides then take the average and cut your borders to that size and attach them  

text fabric from stash
Now i have cut my side borders and attached these then I have attached the top and bottom borders.

Complete Bakers Dozen Quilt Top!


Now I am so sorry this has taken so long to complete this post.   I plan on having this quilt top quilted by end of July.  I managed to get to the Australian Quilt Convention and was very pleased to meet the wonderful Angela Walters of the Midnight Quilt show here is a link to her blog.  I did a free motion quilting workshop with her and I am even more motivated now.   

So I hope you are excited to finish.  If you have finished and placed yours another way I would love to see it.  Maybe if you're not in my Facebook group you could tag me on Instagram or even come and join us atWehago Designs Quilting Community

Until next time happy quilting, happy life,