Monday, 9 May 2016

Lang Lang Quilt Show 2016 Winners and Highlights

Mini Tour!

Winning Entries

Winning Quilt and Owner by 1 Vote!
this was amazing

Winning All Sort entry and Owner!
Quilt Raffle Winner!
Winning Challenge Block!


My Quilts at Show

Bushman's City Visits
dedicated to my dad


Hey Grub! Let's fly a Kite
childhood memory quilt of mine

Girly Whirly News
another of my quilts hanging

Bastille Day Celebrations
Art Quilt I had hanging

Challenge blocks

Other fun Quilts!

partial to a compass block


superb quilting

loved the elephants
As you can see it was a fun time had by all.  I came home and managed to start quilting on my newest quilt to go on the frame.  I will be linking to Kathys Slow Stitching Sunday.  I hope you enjoy the few magic moments on this Mothers day and also the few stitches I can show you.   If you would like to see more quilts I have made the album public for everyone to see all of the quilts in the Quilt show on my Face book page with the Album Lang Lang Quilt show 2016 I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

So I will leave you with the photo of my Hand quilting on Lollipop drops with Aurifil 12 wt thread and using John James Shashiko Needles.  Until next time happy Quilting or Creating and keep smiling


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