Friday, 6 January 2017

9 Patch Update for the Bom Bakers Dozen 2016

 Happy New Year!

Well it has been a bit warm here today!  We reached 36 degs celcius.  My plan was to sew most of the day but I did have to help hubby do a few things outside, so sewing was interrupted.  So I will show you the progress with my final post tomorrow with the top being completed! 

I start by placing all my 9 patches out like this ready for webbing together

I then start sewing them
I take them off the pile from the left and chain piece

progress photo
all blocks webbed and pressed ready to sew into the blocks

some blocks complete
28 blocks complete and pressed
So now these are all done I am very happy.  I have cut all of the hand pieced blocks but yet to cut all of the 28, 9 patch blocks but that should happen tomorrow and these will be all bagged up to do during my lunch time etc at work.  I am very excited to show you the layout I have come up with.  I will be adding a couple of solids for sashing next so I hope you stay tuned and check back in to the blog tomorrow for an update!

I trust you are having a great start to the New Year!  I am hoping to complete about three small quilts this coming week.  I do have the tops done and they just need basting and quilting so lets see how tomorrow and the rest of the week goes.  

Until tomorrow, have a great night or day whichever it maybe on whichever side of the world you maybe,

have a great creative day!



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