Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Having lots of fun with Kate Spain Fabric!

Well I just cannot believe that I haven't written anything for three weeks!
I have been a little busy with a few projects and a bit down on myself so I think this new quilt is going to change all of this around

Kate Spain Charms
In May I was invited to join in a swap of Kate Spain Fabric.  This would give me 112 charm squares!  Wow this fabric is just delightful and I thought why not.  Now after I received these fabrics I new who the recipient of this quilt would be but wasn't sure of the design. Until I watched Missouri Quilts Lattice Quilt .  I then purchased some lovely white by Emma Louise white to become my sashing.

Emma Louise Fabric Added
I decided that I needed this quilt bigger so I have cut some more charms to add and I am making my sashing a little bit wider than in the tutorial.

with sashing before trimming

Look how this is coming along

So you can see I had lots of fun today, and I just love how this is coming together! So tonight I will return to hand quilting at the frame on Love Calms the 

Stay tuned for the next update which I promise will be sooner than 3 weeks! Remember to take time and enjoy the smell of the roses!

Until next time,


  1. Can't wait to see the finished quilt :)

    1. Sandie it will be a little while till it is completed but I will have the top complete as soon as I can

  2. Looking great Wendy. Fantastic now it will be beautiful when finished.e


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