Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Charming Kate Spain Lattice Quilt

Oh, what a wonderful swap this was to be involved in.  Thank You to Miss Midge for organising this and for giving us the chance to win more lovelies like this by linking with you.

I was so excited to receive my charms in the post and I then decided after watching a Missouri Quilt Tutorial on the Lattice Quilt what I would do.  I did change the size of my lattice to what was given in this tutorial

These are some of the fabrics 

 I then decided that I needed a few more charms to make this quilt as big as I needed so I went into my stash and added a few more of the Kate Spain Fabric and I also added a few more charms which went in well with the fabrics.  This is mainly all Kate's fabrics.  I decided to use white Emma Louise for the Lattice and most of the border.

Changed to Black and White for Value Test

part of the centre
Mock up of the borders
I am waiting of another pack of Daydreams charms and Daydream Memory ink for Binding.  I just love how this is coming to life.

I am planning on using this lovely Aurifil to create a beautiful cable in the lattice and cross stitch with a neutral in the squares.  This will all be hand quilted in No 12wt
Aurifil 12 wt
Thanks for the opportunity to do this swap and for following the development of this quilt.

Until Next time enjoy your quilting adventures



  1. Wendy, love how you made this quilt from Kate Spain charms for sure! Totally lovely design how you made it your own... and that quilting thread will look awesome in your sashings :) Thanks for sharing! Kathi

    1. Thanks Kathi, I can't wait to get the rest of the charms to continue the top.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ms Midge, have loved every minute of it

  3. oohh lovely quilt...dont you just love that daydreams line? i do....

  4. That is going to be a very charming quikt indeed! Can't wait to see how your quilting turns out.

  5. Pretty quilt. Love how the colors just seem to go together.


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