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Completed Love Calms the Seas
Love Calms the Seas Quilt was made for my youngest daughter as she completed her final year at Secondary College. I planned to finish this so she could have it with her on her new journey in life at University, to have a little bit of home and me with her.

starting of the piecing and placement of colours
I decided to piece this on the machine using the freezer paper foundation method.  This really helped as it was a very large quilt.  In fact this is the largest quilt I have ever made measuring 93" x 96".  Initially it was to only have one heart in the centre, but my daughter loved it so much we decided to put four more hearts in the quilt.  I am so glad we did for I feel it is very balanced now.

Quilting the waves
I love to hand quilt so with Aurifil 28 wt thread, in a blue, green and a purple and a turquoise. and my John James needles quilting began.  I was using the storm at sea quilt block but as the quilting  flowed I decided this quilt really needed to be called 'love calms the seas'.  I quilted waves into the quilt with blue going one way and the green areas going the opposite direction.
another shot of the waves being quilted
after the waves are quilted ready to quilt the hearts
When it came to the quilting of the hearts it called for something different.  I felt like the waves needed to be calm within them, as my desire for her life ahead to be full of more calmness than stress.  I was quilting my love into this quilt, so she can forever have a hug from her mama bear.
starting the quilting on the centre heart

another heart in the midst of quilting
Label just had to be a purple heart
At last the label screamed to me to be a heart.  This quilt took me 18 months to make and another few months of planning and gathering fabrics.  Whilst my daughter had completed her first year of University before I finished it, she now has her quilt and loves it very much.  I am so glad I took the time to quilt it the way I did.
here she is hiding in my back garden
Thanks for reading my post and for voting for my quilt, I also have another quilt entered in the hand quilting section - Hand quilting 'Time Warp' and I would appreciate your vote over here also. 

Please enjoy the eye candy and be inspired,

Keep on quilting and quilting,

Wendy :)


  1. This is just beautiful! I've always loved the Storm at Sea design, and the hearts make it so special. No doubt, your daughter was thrilled to receive it. Lovely quilt.

    1. Thanks Leslie, she was over the moon and won't give it up now

  2. I love storm at sea, and love when a quilter can incorporate a larger design into the whole thing (I can't, I am in awe). Beautiful quilt.

    1. Thanks Karen, have a play with coloured pencils and see how you go

  3. Beautiful quilt. Its' name fits perfectly.


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