Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Rainbow 9 patches to rid the blues!

Next scrap heap challenge!

If you have been following my blog for awhile then I am sure you are familiar with the different projects I take on.  This is my most recent challenge, to rid the scraps and have a stash.  
Nine patch from my scrap heap

The last few weeks have seen my time taken away a little as things have changed in the household, I now have my mum living with me as she has been unwell.  So the need to get organised has become a true reality.  So yesterday as I was trying to sort my scraps and cut them into charms and 2.5" squares for future use, I took a little time out to speak to a friend across the other side of the world to she how she was doing.  She told me she had two tubs of scraps that needed sorting.  It was overwhelming for her to even think about it.  I suggested rTher than sorting it, why not do a block a day.  I even suggested that I could do it with her.  So we decided on a 9 patch block and she picked the first colour  and it is red.  So this morning hen I rose and after breakfast I made my 9 patch block and posted it via a msg to her,  We have another friend joining us also.  So each day we will pick a colour and make s 9 patch from that colour. Then we will share it between ourselves.  

This morning after I had made the block I shared it in a group on Facebook and a few of the members there have decided to give this ago to get them out of a slump.  My friend actually made 5 today.  I am wondering if any of you would like to join?  I will post tn colour for the day on my Wehago Designs Facebook page and on my ?Wehago Designs on IG.  I will #Rainbow 9 Patches rid the blues! 
Today was red and tomorrow will be blue.  

Charity Quilt
The above quilt is made by a group I attend on Tuesday's. Once a month we make charity quilts by QAG method.  The. We take the blocks home and assemble the quilt.  All the fabrics have been donated.  We then donate them to our local district nurse for distribution of they are given to the local nursing home.

My tub of 2.5" squares ready for piecing
Would love to know if you would like to join with me to make these blocks.  Anyway until next time have lots of fun quilting.

All the very best with your needle and thread,



  1. Sounds very much like Rainbow scrap challenge hosted by Angela. I made two quilt last year and it was fun. I am nearing the end of my scraps working on using up my 1.5 inch squares

    1. Yes very similar and it might have been that in the back of my mind when we were speaking that made it spring to mind


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