Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Charm Dance!

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Let Charm Dance begin, first we will play the music!  So grab your partner and lets rock!

A new friend from Texas asked if I could help her make a quilt online for her daughter.  She showed me what she wanted and asked if it was possible.  I said of course!  I had some charms that were given to me and I wanted to do something with them.  So out came my Kona solids and I decided on the grey and pool as my solids.
beginning stages
My husband and I found out a friend was feeling not well and needed some treatment.  I was suppose to make her a big quilt but decided I would make this quilt alongside my friend from Texas (via msgs etc) and I would gift mine once finished to our sick friend.  As sometime I take way to long on a big quilt.
starting to come together
I started working on this and realised I needed some more charms.  I was at my sewing group and a friend had a pack so I was able to buy the pack from her...a little bit further I decided I would need another pack so later that day a search with another friend located some not far from me.  So the very next morning I rang and purchased that pack.  I had to wait a day for them to arrive and then back into the sewing of the top and the border to complete my flimsy.

one quilt top ready to go on the frame
This quilt top without the delays of waiting for a charm pack really only took two days at maximum to complete.  The finished size of the flimsy is 53"

commencement of quilting
Next delay was waiting on the Wadding to arrive.  I decided as we are coming into summer it might be nice to use a cotton batting, so I ordered Quilters Dream Request and it was magic. I also needed a batting so around to the local lady who has some backings I needed this quilt to be done fast.  I had also decided that using 12 wt Aurifil would be the go.  After using it on my Sydney Swans quilt I knew I could quilt fast.  

Next to decide was on the design.  I decided a nice large overall pattern would work well.  So i drew a large daisy and laid it on top of the quilt on my frame.  and it looked great so off to work I went.
quilting away
Between the daisy I decided big loops to link were the way to go and to even out the quilting.  I managed to do a row a day so 4 days of quilting and I just loved how it all came to life.

finishing stages
As soon as I had it off the frame the sun had just come out in the morning so out onto the front verandah to see the sun sparkle on that quilt.  Then back into to start the binding and the label.
my little label to complete the quilt
Once the label was on and it was into the machine for washing and then drying.

washed and drying
We then had to take a little journey for a lovely photo shoot.  Here she is waiting on the station for the train that doesn't come to town anymore!  So instead I had to deliver this little beauty to the recipient myself.
waiting on the platform before delivery

Once again I would love to thank Amy for hosting and I encourage you all to check out her blog and site and all of the eye candy in this years festival.

Thanks again for reading my little charm dance story, I hope your feet were tapping to the beat.

Until next time have a wonderful read of all the blogs and keep on smiling,



  1. I love this quilt and the colours you used Wendy. You have done a great job.

    1. Thank you very much for the compliments, it really was a fun project

  2. Very pretty background color for the quilt. You are so quick too! I've collected charms but have rarely used them

    1. Well I hope you are now inspired to use your charms, they are so much fun to use


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