Tuesday, 8 March 2016

March BOM

Wow! Where has the last month gone!  

For this month you will two of your fabrics to make the Dutch 9 Patch.  I really love the look of this block once it is together.  I have fallen behind with my hand piecing but have been very busy with a few other projects my please be reassured I will be sharing these with you over the next couple of weeks.  So stay tuned and if you haven't signed up to get my blog to your email or on your bloglovin now might be the time.  

Now let's get on with the cutting!
From your back ground or lighter fabric cut four of each size 4.5" squares and 1 7/8" squares
From your highlight fabric cut four 4.5" squares and  five  x 1 7/8" squares

Look Below at the layout and piece the rows as follows

Firstly piece the centre nine patch in the manner of the first month
When pressing press the seams towards the dark side, then make sure you press the seams on the middle row outwards and the top and bottom rows press the seams inwards. 

Here is the machine sewn one in rows.


Here is my Dutch nine patch complete!

So until my next blog post in a couple of days have great fun making this great block!

Have lots of fun,



  1. Pat Fedorchuk Allen9 March 2016 at 14:08

    I love it!

  2. can't wait to make it - might have to skip cooking tea tonight :)

    1. That sounds great but remember nutrition helps us quilt. :)


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