Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June Bom is Here!

Happy June Block of the Month Day!  

Seriously I hope you are all well and are surviving the extremities of weather we are all encountering throughout the world.  It seems no one is exempt.  Today I have a cold and wet day so what better way to spend my time than to create this Block for you.

Well this Month I chose the Monkey Wrench block, one I like it and two I need to get a few monkeys off my back so to speak this week.

These are the fabrics I have chosen for last month and this months hand piece blocks
So for this month we need three Fabrics, and we need to cut the following
from your background                 4 x 3' squares
                                                     2 x 5 3/4" squares

From secondary fabric                 4 x 3" squares

From main fabric                         1 x 3" square
                                                      2 x 5 3/4" squares


Fabric cut to above sizes
We then take the two larger squares of the background and main fabric and lay them on top of each other.   Note if using directional fabric you need to cut each in a different direction.  I did not but I am leaving mine as I love the movement and it is subtle.

either rule a line down this point and sew either side with a 1/4" or cut and sew
whichever you are most comfortable with
block laid out without the corner half square triangles
Stitch the centre blocks all into a row and the the other two into pairs, this way we can join in rows
I pressed my seams towards the green squares on these rows and pairs
block laid out ready for stitching
stitch blocks in rows
I pressed the seams towards the centre for ease on the triangles and less bulk in the seams.  

And Ta Da!  A delightful Monkey Wrench Block.
complete Monkey Wrench Block
Our blocks so far!

Now I must let you know that things have been a bit busy around here and I haven't been able to do my hand pieced blocks but I plan to take them with me on Thursday when I take my mum to the Cardiologist as she has had a few problems this past month which ended up with a couple of stays in hospital. Whilst this doctor is very good he is always late so I will go in prepared.

Don't you love how these blocks are all coming along.   Now it will be time to start considering how we will start to lay them all out.  We have a few options, we can just join as they are, we can add sashing, we could even put them on point.

Don't forget this is End of Financial month here in Australia so I thought why not give you a bonus month so in a couple of weeks I will give you a bonus block.  On another exciting news I will be posting the Mystery quilt on Friday so that post will come up each friday for the next 4-6 weeks depending on how we all are going and coping.   

I dearly would love your feedback on how you are enjoying these blocks and if there is anything you would like me to start blogging about, whether it be my colour choices etc or just the way I like to piece etc. so whats keeping you from leaving a hello and how your going in the comments.  I promise I will answer them and keep in mind your suggestions. 

So Until friday take care and have lots of fun stitching this block together ,


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  1. Hello Wendy! Sorry to be so late in visiting... during June it is summer here in Alberta, Canada & I do work in the garden... so no time for sewing yet!


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