Saturday, 17 May 2014

Fabulous Friday and sensational Saturday makes me whoop!

Let me tell you why I want to whoop about my Friday and Saturdays achievements.  Firstly Friday I decided to clean up all of my fabric.  All of my bins were just horrendous and looking like this one above.

After a short time I managed to get them looking like this.

I have sorted the boxes into a box of yardage and three small boxes of fat quarters and smaller usable pieces.  Then there are three boxes of scraps which I am going to cut  I to 2.5" squares and charm squares.  These can then be used for quick quilts or borders.

But look at this little lovely and this would be a great whooping find, I did this in 2004 and all it needs is a border, but I have an idea and may include it in a quilt I am planning on making in the next couple of months.

My other little whoop is this darling little fabric bowl basket, which I have posted to someone who needs a bit of cheer in her life right now.
My sensational Saturday found me outside mowing my lawn and I am finishing the evening off nicely at the hand quilting frame.  I am linking this post with Confessions of a fabric addict

Exciting news!

I am announcing a linky which I will be hosting at the last Friday of every month. This will be celebrating the goals I have met and the goals I hope to meet for the future month.  I am asking for you to think of what you might like to blog about in this regard and link with me.  I am really looking forward to this and so you don't miss out on all of the fun be sure to follow me whichever way you find easiest.

Until the next time we meet,

Have a wonderful whooping weekend, I know I am going to,


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