Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fun coasters

I had lots of fun this morning making these coasters!

So much fun in fact I thought it only fair to share how I made them, so here are my notes:-

Firstly I cut out six cirlces from my cream Kona solid and six cirlces of my fun print.  I also cut six circles from a thin wadding.  The circles were 5.5".  I then used a gathering stitch and gathered the edge of the circle to pull the raw edges inward.  I placed the batting within the bottom circle and pressed it flat.  

I then did the same gathering on the plain Kona fabric and then placed it over the bottom so a small amount of the base was showing.  I then pinned the centre.

After this I used 12wt Aurifil mako thread and did some fun big stitch quilting in the shap of a flower after I had stitched all around the circle.

Just like this

And here are my finished coasters which I have posted to my swap buddy.  I have some coasters on the way to me and they should be here next week, I can't wait to receive them. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Please leave a comment on how your Wonderful Wednesday I would love to hear!

Until then, have a fun day



  1. Lovely coasters :) Thanks for sharing how you made them :) Such a lucky swap partner... hope you share the ones she sent you! Kathi

  2. Replies
    1. It was, I actually can't wait to do more and play even more with the design

  3. Well done! They look great and I'm sure your partner will love them! :)


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